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A look at hard drives

As we use our computers for creating documents to storing photos and just about everything in between, there is an increased emphasis on storing data.

We have all heard horror stories about people who have forgotten to “back up” and consequently lost data, and so external hard drives have risen in popularity. Aside from giving you peace of mind with the knowledge that your files are backed up, a hard drive can improve the performance of your computer by freeing up space. There are many things to consider when deciding on which external hard drive to buy, aside from just the amount of storage it contains. Today, there are three main types of hard drive computer storageavailable, each with many benefits for the end-user:

Benefits of a HDD hard drive

HDD stands for Hard Drive Disk, and is the most traditional hard drive available. It was introduced by IBM in 1956, and has become one of the widest known secondary storage devices on the market. An HDD hard drive features moving elements, and offers excellent capacity. There are many different storage options across a wide range of price points, and they can be used in conjunction with the majority of PC and Mac devices, and so they are great for basic storage needs.

Benefits of a SSD hard drive

An SSHD hard drive is a solid state hard drive, the newest design on the market. It is made with no moving elements, which offers greater capacity and speed. It offers quick file transfer times and excellent energy efficiency, and it’s light and sleek design makes it a popular choice with students and commuters.The cost for these tends to be slightly more than that of an HDD, but the performance is hard to argue with.

Benefits of a SSHD hard drive

Solid sate hybrid hard drives are so named because they are a hybrid of the above two models. They are made up of both moving and static parts, and the intuitive design means the hard drive remembers which files are frequently used. It then places them on the solid storage component to ensure they are readily accessible, resulting in lightening fast instantaneous data retrieval. They are practically unrivalled where speed is concerned, and a popular option for those who can afford to invest in the best.


At Hex, we have an excellent selector of hard drive storage solutions, great for backing up images, films, documents, songs and just about anything else on your computer. We can walk you through the different models in more detail, and help you find something that suits your storage needs and budget. Pop in to see us today, and speak to one of our experts about our range of hard drive computer storage options.