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Laptop Overheating

Laptops are unfortunately prone to overheating. Unlike PCs, laptops are a lot more compact with a lot less room for air flow.  More powerful components are being used which generate more heat yet laptops are getting thinner and more sleek allowing even less room for cooling.  This increases the risk of overheating.  

While laptop is in operation an internal fan spins to push air through the heatsink to dissipate heat and cool the laptop.  The unfortunate side effect of this is a build up of dust which starts to block the flow of air further impairing cooling.  Eventually this will cause complete blockage and may even prevent your fan from spinning.

Signs of a laptop running hot

-    Fan constantly running full speed
-    Fan making loud whirring noises
-    Computer struggling to perform basic tasks like opening a new browser window
-    Error messages popping up randomly
-    Lines on your laptop screen (a sign your video card is overheating)
-    System freezing
-    Blue screen errors
-    Beep codes when started
-    No display
-    The laptop abruptly shuts down on its own

Dangers of Laptop Overheating

If your laptop overheats it can do some serious damage to both your body and the internal hardware.

Operating a laptop at high temperatures leads to failed hardware components such as video cards, motherboards, memory modules, hard drives and many other components are susceptible to damage.  In addition this decreases the lifespan of your computer. It can also be a fire hazard: faulty laptops have actually burned down houses.

If your laptop feels hot and shows any of the problems below, chances are it is overheating or getting there.  It should be immediately serviced to avoid costly component repairs.

Preventive Measures

There are solutions to keep your laptop cooler and increase its longevity:

-    Do not use your laptop on soft surfaces on such as a bed or a couch cushion as soft surfaces block the vents impairing cooling
-    If performing any resource-intensive tasks such as photo/video editing or gaming, use a laptop cooler to increase cooling efficiency of your unit
-    Performing regular internal cleaning of the ventilation system to remove the dust build up and replace thermal compound

Here at Hex we provide a full internal cleaning service to our clients.  Do not wait until your computer gets damaged by heat and greatly reduce costs of keeping your laptop fully functional.